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Manage Users in Transaction Pro Online
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How are users added or removed in Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online?




**Please note that only the user that connected Transaction Pro to the QuickBooks Online company can access Transaction Pro from the MY APPS section within QuickBooks Online. All other users will need to go to to log in and access Transaction Pro.** 


To add, remove, or update a user's permission, click on MANAGE for the Subscription that needs to be updated. Then click on EDIT COMPANIES AND USERS.



On the left, select the USERS tab.



To add a new user, click on the INVITE USER button.



A second window will open to enter the user's information. Enter the user's email address. This must be the email address that they use to access the QuickBooks Online company. If the user's email address has been used with Transaction Pro previously, the first and last name will gray out. If not, enter the user's first and last name.



Select the access for the new user. The options are ADMIN and PARTICIPANT from the dropdown menu. Admins have full access to add, delete, and manage users as well as connect, disconnect, and delete companies.



Decide is user should have BILLING ADMIN ACCESS. Billing Admin Access can be given to any user. It allows the user to access the Billing information to download invoices, update payment information, and upgrade, download, or cancel subscriptions.



Once all information has been entered and access selected, click SEND INVITATION. The user will receive an email notifying them of the invitation to access the TPro Subscription. 


Permissions can be changed at any time by the OWNER or ADMIN roles by clicking MANAGE USER next to the user's name.



When a new user is added, the new user will not have access to any companies available in the subscription. To add company access for the user, click on MANAGE USER and then go to the COMPANY tab. Then click on the ADD COMPANY button.



When the ADD COMPANY button is selected, a second window will appear that lists all companies available for the subscription. Select the company or companies to which the user should have access and click ADD.



Additional companies can be added at any time by following the same steps for originally adding company access to a user.


To remove a user's access for a company, click on MANAGE USER for the user to be updated and go to COMPANIES tab. Click REMOVE ACCESS next to the company to which the user should no longer have access.



If a user is deleted, then that user's access to all companies is deleted at the same time. The access for each company does not have to be individually removed.




The Owner user is the user that originally setup the subscription. The Owner user cannot be deleted without a new Owner specified. Only the Owner can specify a new Owner.


To specify a new Owner, the Owner needs to log into Transaction Pro and access the Admin Portal and select USERS tab. Next, click on MANAGE USER for the user to be made new Owner. If logged in as the Owner, the Owner will see an additional option in the ROLE drop-down menu.


Once a new Owner is specified, the current Owner is demoted to an Admin user. If the current Owner needs to be removed completely, after the change has been made and a new Owner specified, the current Owner user will need to be deleted.


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